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published: 2022-10-24
2022-10-24 14:14:20

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You have made it to our collaborative and interactive portal, the home of pfireSafe; one of the pfireGroup companies!


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This technology is a new generation, digital relationship driven portal, which enables you to have unrestricted access to all your information, records and dealings with pfireSafe.


Some of the super useful things which you will have access to, and be able to do yourself, are:

  • Every communication between us and you
    • You can also communicate with us directly within the platform
  • Every document shared between us and you
    • You can also "send" us documents directly from within the platform
  • Every record of a contact with you
    • You can also make contact with us
  • Every service record for which you have engaged with us
    • You can also tell us your priorities
  • No spam and no junk mail... just relevant communication

AND... just for being our client, we will give you a FREE e-storage facility which will enable you to store your own personal documents OR share them with us. You will be able to access this safe repository from anywhere in the world!


The world has changed. We have changed! Join us on this journey and we will ensure that we use technology in a way that will help you in all your business needs.


REGISTER Now! STOP the unsolicited calls from strangers and build a relationship with us based upon transparency, integrity, trust and reliability.


With us, you will NEVER be forgotten!


published: 2020-03-16
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Contact Details

company: pfireSafe
address: 21 Alexander drive
Winston Park
tel: +27874742200
website: https://safe.pfirestorm.co.za
FSP Number:


BRANCH: Main Branch
Marina Briggs
Managing Director
DIVISION: Accounting
Roxanne Willis
031 764 4090