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We Partner with our clients to ensure that we understand their business and their needs. By collaborating with our clients and only using communications technology that serves to grow our client relationships, we are able to ensure that or client relationships endure.

We Protect our clients by ensuring that they are informed timeously of their obligations in terms of the regulatory environment. Whether it is tax time, a vat period or simply a PAYE obligation, we make sure you are informed and prepared.

We Produce our financial accounts or payroll needs whilst simultaneously ensuring that we present this to you in a manner that offers you significant value to your enterprise and strategy. Financial accounts must follow certain formalities but we unpack this for you and provide you with an easy to understand narrative of your business efforts.


Once you have registered on this platform (at no cost to you), you will begin to experience the unique quality service that is offered by us.


At PfireSafe we do things very differently. Not simply to be different but because we have listened to our clients.


At PfireSafe you will find that our services have been bundled to offer you a selection of services that YOU can tailor to your needs. Add our value added services at no extra cost to your bundle and presto - you have a value proposition that suits your every need.


Unlike most accounting practices it is not just about “doing your books or payroll”. How this information is presented to you is equally important. Let’s be honest how many of us out there are comfortable with how financial statements are set out. Imaging getting a set of monthly/quarterly or annual “management accounts” WITH a detailed narrative write in a language we can all understand – explaining exactly what your management accounts are telling you.



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